Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paris, lockers and tears

    I love teaching 5th grade for many reasons...however my favorite reason is that, where I teach, I get to teach my students about God and we get to Praise the Lord daily for all He does for us.   This job does have its challenges though.  Do You remember being in 5th grade.  My, these girls are emotional. They are trying to be the person God wants them to be.  They are trying to be true to themselves. They are trying to obey and learn and grow. 
   My class this year is mostly girls and they are all about Paris.  They decorate their lockers with pink and black, bows and cute. They have little Paris trinkets on their desks.  Next Monday will be "Around the World Night" at our little school and you guessed it, the 5th graders will be presenting Paris, France.  We are all about the cafes, the artists, the mustache's, the mime's and the ballerina's. I even have our music teacher playing La Vie En Rose. Listen Here
   On any given day there are also tears in my classroom.  It breaks my heart that these girls are hard on themselves, on each other even. It is such a difficult time for these youngsters. I remember being in 5th grade, I remember feeling awkward and on top of that I wore bifocals.  I  paid a boy to break my glasses because I felt horrible wearing them. 
   I love when the kids share what they are feeling...The fact that they trust enough to share so much of who they are is such a gift.  I feel blessed every day.  Bonne nuit, mon amour!

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Rae Ellyn said...

Janine I never knew! You were the prettiest girl in school! At least I always thought so. It is so sad to look back at our young lives and see how mean we were to ourselves! How hard it is now with so much more media telling all those young people how thin, pretty, etc they are not.


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