Wednesday, December 21, 2011


           I have three...amazing, loving, beautiful Sisters.  They lift me up when I am down and listen when I need to talk.  I pray I am to them what they are and have been to me.  I am so blessed to call these three lovelies my family, my Sisters.  There is such a sweet, strong bond between Sisters.  Nothing compares. My daughter and my niece do not have Sisters, but I pray that as they grow, their bond as cousins will be as strong as that of Sisters.
          God bless my Sisters and comfort them through their days and nights as I am not there to hug them this holiday season...I send love, hugs and more gratitude then a human heart can I let it go, flowing to you, in all you are, in all you do...I love you!!!!
Each of you are an inspiration and a blessing to me, a light in my world.  I know God gave me each of you and I thank Him each night that you are in my life. 
This song goes out to you girls, although I hope you already know you can count on me and of course...Lean on me.

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