Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angles amoung us

They are all around us... camouflaged as everyday people, people you love, even strangers. They lift us up in our times of need with a kind word or good deed.
I had been thinking about a subject for my blog the other day and knew I wanted to write about angels and then...
As I write this my son Cameron has come downstairs and is pouring 2 bowls of cereal and I ask him what he is doing and he replies...I am making breakfast for my brother.  I said, oh so sweet buddy and Cameron replied... well, I learned from the best...ok, that is an angel at work. 
           It is in quiet moments when you see God's angles at work.. It is the angels that are no longer with us. When I think of my Mom in heaven watching us, When I hear my children laughing, When I think of Nate's Mom who is with us by the grace of God.
when I feel alone and my family and friends tell me things are gonna be ok and to hang in there.
            They are all around us...even in the unexpected places.
                    How can you be someone's angel today
            I think about it all the time. How can I bless others?
    What word of encouragement or deed can I do to make things better? 
We are to be each others angles.  To lift each other up and help each other to fly...
    Praying how I can be this for my children, for my family,
my friends and the strangers I meet.

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