Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Pets

We love these little creatures...I never imagined that I would have a house full of animals.  When I was two, my family had a German Shepherd named Star.  she was big, I was little and she knocked me down a lot, but I remember loving that dog.  When I got older and moved away from home, my parents got my youngest sister a dog named Riff-Raff.  So cute.  I didn't know Riff-Raff well because I was away to college and then graduate school.  I also remember my Mom having a lovely bird named lady.  I had a cat named Tasha in Grad school that I loved but sadly when I married and moved to San Fransisco I had to give her up.  So flash forward to now and I live with a wonderful Yorkie /Chihuahua mix named Cocoa...She is lovely and active and loves to chase deer...she also just had a girl puppy whom we've named Marshmellow...because you can't have Cocoa without the Marshmellow right?  We have our "big Man" Shadow the cat...He is huge but has pep in his step.  We just adopted Maxamillion and he is energetic and fun,  feisty too cause he likes to bite Shadow's tail.  Then we have my daughters hamsters, Grammy (for Grandma) and Hammy (cause she is a little chunky).  They are Robo hamsters and they are adorable.  They love to play in the big wheel and they do it all night long. My son Cameron wants a Bull Dog, and my Madi has decided she would like a horse...hmmmmm...thinking about that one!!! So there you have it...A city girl with a zoo, which I wouldn't trade for the world.  Our pets are very loved and show us much love in return. It is something to have all these little ones in our home but they sure make us happy.  I think they are very happy too!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes you pretty much passed us up sis! You forgot to mention that your "big man" is so big that his belly drags the ground and he really does need a cart with wheels to walk.


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