Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Son's Heart

Our Eagles played the warriors last night and three great games were played. Wow.
  Let me start by saying you can probably tell by now if you read my blog that I am a sap...I tend to get teary a lot.  sad situations, happy times, tender moments...yep, I cry a lot.  So last night while at my Cameron's first basketball game, yep,  you guessed it, I cried.  That kid can move me to tears in a heartbeat.  Cameron is an old soul with the heart and imagination of a babe.  He is fearlessly committed to God, his family, his country, his friends, and now his team! When Cameron told me he wanted to play on our little schools basketball team, I was, well in a word, shocked.  Cameron is more of a one on one sports guy.  He loves Martial Arts, and he does not really like to run. so it surprised me, but I was so excited for him to really experience a team sport and try something new.                                                                                 
   Last night as he ran up and down the court with such purpose I couldn't help but be so proud of him for getting out there and giving his all.  If you know Cameron, you also know that this year he has not had much confidence... Cameron did not handle the ball much last night but was quick to each end of the court, with a hand shake for the opposing team players... Towards the end of the game,  the ball suddenly landed in his hands and he had to make the decision to pass the ball or take the shot.  Let me stop here and explain that at that moment I wept...I saw my little boy struggle with the fear to either be brave and take the shot or pass the ball to one of the more experienced players.  Two of my precious friends who have older boys on the team were sitting right next to me and I have to say this is part of the reason why I wept...for they both seemed to knew exactly what was going on.  they both turned to me at one point and smiled at me and I knew that they knew that Cam was struggling with that decision.  Cameron took the shot and the ball hit the rim and he missed the hoop...he was so close.  His team gave him high fives as if he had made a three pointer.  They knew...they knew that it took every bit of his heart to just try. My dear, sweet friend Robin went to Cameron and told him she was proud of him and he told her "but I didn't make the shot", She said well, "maybe not this time but you keep shooting and you will"...When others see your child, I mean really see and know their heart, it means is so touching when people really invest themselves in your child's lives. I am so blessed with not only a family who guard, shield, and protect my children's hearts but friends who lift my kids up and love them.
Cameron wanted to ride the three hour bus ride home,  even though I followed right behind in our car.  He wanted to support his team in every sweet.

You can see my photos are blurry and out of focus... I was so excited, I could hardly stand it.  Madison cheered for her big brother and was so happy to do so.  A very exciting start to our basketball season.  In the everyday events of life... you can see beauty and Gods grace everywhere. Even in a blurry photo.

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We have amazing kids and they have an amazing Mom...Love,


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