Monday, November 7, 2011


It can come from anywhere.  A swatch of fabric, a good deed, a kind word, a picture or quote. Being inspired to want to create, or be a better person. Isn't inspiration what makes us want to do better, want to be better.  Who inspires you?  I have a long list of people who inspire me.  My children inspire me daily...I desire to be the Mom that can inspire them to reach for their dreams, be better people, love lots...for them to be inspiring to others hopefully. 

It can be most anything really...It comes from so many different places.  Colors, textures, even certain scents. Kindness, compassion, love (of course), but what about the little things;  A very torn and tattered pink ballet shoe, a dimly lit string of twinkle lights, a beautifully set table, a lovely flower arrangement, the smell of  philosohpy products, an old pair of Converse sneakers.  All of these things insire me. Silly, maybe, but think about what inspires you. I think that is one reason Pinterest is so fun and can be so addictive....The images really can be inspiring.  I hope you have an inspired day lovelies.

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