Saturday, November 26, 2011

Madi Moments

 Meet of my 3 wishes.
Like all good idea's...they are worth sharing.  Got this idea from my Sis and lovely niece.  Then me and Madi decided it would be fun to make it a weekly thing.  It will be her way to share moments of her week (Madi Moments, or  M&M)  So here she is... Madi, my first sweet guest blogger...and her first of many shared moments.

i love making my Christmas list each year. it is one of my favorite things when i finally have my list completed.   this year i am asking for a horse.  i don't think i will get a horse but i am wishing for riding lessons, a kindle fire, justin gypsy boots in blue and brown and a long board.  i love decorating the house and eating my grandmas feast.  I am excited to have a Christmas party in my moms class this year. i had a nice thanksgiving with my family and my favorite part was having our neighbor Fran over.  we got to eat pie and turkey. Fran brought over a green jellaton that i didnt think i would like but i tried it and i liked it.  it sort of tastes like key lime pie.  i am happy i get to write once a week on my mommys blog.
                                      The lovely Fran with E and Madi
                        Madi with one of her favorite things...pumpkin pie

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