Wednesday, October 26, 2011


   As Christians we talk about the light of the Lord shining through us.  We showed off some outer and inner glow on Friday night at our "just Glow with it party".   What a great night.  Kids dressed up in bright neon, there were black lights, everyone was decked out in glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets, even glow in the dark ball caps.  We danced, played games and grilled out.
   We kicked off the day with a devotion and a song...Addison Road's version of "This little light of mine"...Beautiful!!! It was Cameron's birthday also so there was so much on my mind about how God gave me this little miracle boy and how brightly Camerom's light shines.  Even though my oldest attends a different school, he was invited and it was so special having all three of my kiddos there with me to Glow for God and each other.

        This little light of mine by Addison Road, here.

Hoping you will let your little light shine for the world to see.                                                

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Anonymous said...

Cameron is so growing up and is sooo cute! Hope your birthday was great Cam!! Keep glowing for God!! Love...Aunt Pam


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