Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Cameron

My little man.  My Miracle from God.  The Doctor said I wasn't pregnant.  She sent me for wrong tests. She told my husband Nate, that I would have to have a dnc. That there was no baby.  But I knew better. That was our begining...I fought for you, I knew you were there.
Your entry into this world would be scary also. 
  So late...Due on your Dad's Birthday on September 29, but made your way in your own time on this day 12 years ago.  Not breathing, so blue, so lifeless.  I remember feeling so scared.  Then I passed out.  I started to hemorhage... As one Midwife worked on you and one on me...You fought, You fought so hard.  God was there, He knew your name, your purpose, your sweet Spirit. 

I love the way you pray for others, I love the way you want to serve your country when you are older (though I know God will protect you, I am scared about it) I love the way you play and have the best imagination.  I love the way you care about others.  You are an awesome young man, a wonderful Son. My tattoo E=MC2  just speaks my heart.  For Ethan, Madison and Cameron x2 because God almost took you but then let you go to be with us...I am double Blessed with you Cameron and I love you to the moon and back again.  God Speed Little Man.

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aunt alicia said...

Happy birthday my dear sweet boy. love u so much!!!!!


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