Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Radical Obedience"

                                                                                    Radical obedience....that was the message today.... hard to do, yes, want to do it, yes.  Obedience to God is something I pray about, talk about, teach my children.  Is it always easy?  No way.  I think of how I live my life, how I raise my children...I seek God's Word and guidance daily. Do I mess up? A lot! But He restores and forgives.   I love the Christian rapper named LeCrae...One of his songs has this line..."If I can't leave it out there on the court then I don't want to play no more". Wow. Profound right?  We are meant to burn out for God, to leave it all on the court.  That is so big. I love God, I love that he forgives me when I mess up and refreshes me daily, even when I think I can't do something, He gives me the strength to do it.
                                                                                    Long before He died on a wooden cross, He was teaching us about how to treat others and how to make a difference.  I am blessed in so many ways that I don't deserve. But so grateful.   I have been teaching 5th grade at a small Christian school for a few years and just stepped down this year because my husband travels so much, and I felt I really needed to be available for our children since he was gone all the time.   Just last week we made the decision that he would leave his job and come home for good and sure enough the 5th grade position became available and now I am teaching again this year. God is so good like that.  He sees your needs and before you even  have a chance to ask Him, He provides a way!!! I know God is working out stuff for all of you at this very minute!!!  Whatever it may be.  All we need to be is radically obedient. Remember right outside is the mission field...You don't have to go to Africa or anywhere else for that matter to do something to bless someone else!!  Have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday!!


jenshank said...

Well written sis, your awesome at this bloggin stuff!

Brittany said...

im a new follower to your blog! Love it! :)


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