Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Today is the day we honor those special ones that lift us when we fall.
The ones that cheer so loud from the sidelines 
that no matter what kind of headgear or helmet you are wearing...
you can hear those cheers over any other. 
It is the day that we say thank you for all the love and sacrifices they have made. 
On this day we miss our Mom's even a little bit more (if that is possible)
 wish they were close.
From the time I had my first,  I have felt like every day is Mother's Day 
because of the love I feel from my 3.
They lift me up and make me want to be better each day.
There is no greater bond, no greater feeling
No greater love.
Thank you 
Ethan, Cameron and Madison
For making me a Mom,
For showing me what true love is all about.

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