Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eye Candy

 I thought I would share some pretty things I am loving right now.
I gain so much inspiration from the world around me,
but I have to admit...
I am a Pinterest Junkie.
Oh the ideas, the DIY, the fashion, the inspiration!

 I love anything burlap these days, and these
place mats are perfect. I love the type font.

I am so doing this in my laundry room.
Maybe doing laundry wouldn't be so bad if my room looked this sweet.

I am crushing on these drapes.
I would choose a different color, but the look of them is amazing.
I just love how they are lush and full.
I am so tired of plain blinds.

Lately I have been dreaming about sleeping outside
This would be my spot!
(it will be on my honey PLEASSSE do list)

source: Pinterest
I love this look. Now that my pixie has grown out
it is time to try some curls.

source: Pinterest
This speaks to my heart in every way!
I pray to be a blessing to people each day.

I have two special birthdays coming up, My daughter, Madi
and my son, Cameron.
This was the inspiration for a party idea.
I love the thought of a combined tailgate party in the backyard.
I think it would be a blast.

 I think these rings are simply the best.
We all need to hang on to HOPE

I have always loved the look of painted furniture.
This makes me want to paint everything.
This outfit is so me...
It will be my go to look this fall-winter

I am also loving this beautiful necklace that my friend Robin made for me.
It is filled with wishing sticks.
It was so thoughtful and beautifully made.
I will be wearing this daily!

What are you loving these days?

If you haven't found Pinterest...
You need to stop by and take a peek at my boards.
Trust me, you will be hooked.
You can find me here.


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