Wednesday, August 14, 2013

appreciating every moment

My 3 Wishes are back from Ohio
All is right with the world.
They had a wonderful time playing with cousins, 
seeing old friends,
hanging out with dear Aunts and Uncles,
and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.
Ethan was able to attend a wrestling camp
and ride 4 wheelers with some of his older cousins. 
He and Cameron were able to connect with old friends 
and make some new ones. 
Cameron got to spend time with Zade,
watching him play baseball 
and playing together till the wee hours.
Those two have the sweetest connection.
Madi worked on back walkovers 
and taught her cousin Avery how to do them.
She got to hold baby Cousins
 and attend a baby shower for a 
new cousin on the way.
She loved playing Scrabble and Yahtzee with her
Grandma and Grandpa.
Nate and I really tried to use our time wisely
while the kids were gone.
Nate managed to get the greenhouse completed
which he was over the moon about. 
We managed to have few date nights...LOVE
We cleaned out the garage (which included many walks down memory lane),
we painted the kitchen cabinets 
and organized, well, almost everything. 
Now as summer break is coming to an end in the next
few weeks and we embark on yet another 
school year,
things are beginning to get a different kind of hectic over here,
I am determined not to
overlook the little things. The little details that make
each day unique and special in its own way.
This summer when we picked up the kids
I could not believe how much they grew...
how quickly they changed.
In less than 6 weeks
this happened.
Sometimes we need a little reminding
how fleeting this all is,
moments in time.
How precious, how temporary
how fragile
life is. 
Sometimes with a little distance
you see more clearly
what it is that is
most important. 

I was over at Lena B's blog yesterday
sharing the stories and love
 behind my tattoo's.
She has a wonderful blog where she
talks about  life, fashion, autism and ink.
You can find her sweet blog Here.

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