Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer means sharing them...

Every summer we take our kids to Ohio
to visit their grandparents
and their cousins.
They are each others secret keepers,
biggest fans, mischief makers,
best friends.
This year is a little different because 
since I am not teaching,
 I don't have the summer off. 
So in the past I got to stay and 
be with them,
this year Nate and I dropped them off and came home
to go back to work.
the word Struggling
 does not even begin to
describe this feeling, this ache.
We left Ohio and our 3 Wishes yesterday
and my anxiety level is...
well lets just say
I could use an IV filled with Valium
hooked to my arm.
 I know they will have a blast, I know they 
will be safe.

The plain truth is that
I am their Mama and
I  miss them.
 My wishes have grown and changed so
much already this year,
 I don't want to miss anything.
this is all part of mothering isn't it?
Learning to let go, to let them grow.
To encourage them to step outside their comfort zone 
and try new things.
Sometimes Mama's need to 
do the same. 

My children are blessed with Grandparents that love them
as much as I do.
I couldn't ask for better role models.
These are memory makin' times for cousins,
Aunts, Uncles and old friends.
I have decided to use this time to really clear out the clutter,
to spend time writing,
and doing all those things 
I would not have time for.
I pray that my children are so very thankful 
for this time with family...
because time and family are
so very precious.
This is their time, 
to be kids, to be free, 
to be with family.
Have a lovely Tuesday friends!

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