Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Speak Now~speak up

 Hi Lovelies!
If we were sitting across from each other today
over tea
I would tell you how pretty you looked,
I would tell you that
You are enough,
that who you are, and what you care about...
it matters!
YOU matter!
have you ever had those days?
Those days when you just
felt so badly about yourself?
There was a time when that was all I felt about me.
I have shared a little about that
There was a time when I believed the
worst about myself.
I still have bad days, like everyone,
but it does not compare to where I was.
It took many years
to get to this place.
that is ok,
because it has made me the person I am today.
I believe as women
we are meant to lift each other up.
We all have our own
to face,
they shouldn't be with each other however!
Today is the day...
Let us lift each other up..
Let us speak it now
we are here to support
each other
love one another.

There are some great ladies linking up today
to remind you that you are amazing and wonderful just that way you are!
Go here  to link up.
Speak Now is a women empowerment organization
built around the philosophy that self-love, self-respect, + self-confidence will make you beautiful.
There is a giveaway going on as well. 

Speak Now 
Don't forget to smile today and remind yourself that
you are wish that came true!!!
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