Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Girls Retreat...growing in her Faith

You are a precious pearl!!!

This past weekend was so special because for the second
year, I got to chaperon the girls retreat here in Branson.
The Branson Young Girls Retreat!!!
What made this year so special
 is that my little girl got to participate.
What an honor
 to watch her grow in her faith
her walk with the Lord.
The women that began this wonderful endeavor
 are amazing God filled ladies
 that I not only call friends but Sisters!
These young women had a blast of a weekend...
they sang, they prayed, they listened, they learned,
they shared, they laughed, they swam.
They became closer, they forgave, they healed.
Hopefully they learned to like themselves more and
come away knowing they are not alone.
They are princesses to the King!

What an amazing thing to be a part of helping young girls and women
grow in their faith.
A website is coming soon...
Branson Young Womens Retreat.
I pray this just continues to grow and grow.
Magical moments happened all weekend.
 We talked about how each of us is like a precious pearl, 
the same,
but different as well.
We may shine differently
We ALL shine!!

Making new friends, reconnecting with old ones.

Getting to know each other and ourselves better.

connecting to each other

We do tend to think that others have it better than us sometimes...
You know that saying, "The grass is always greener".
But you never know what could be going on in someones life.
This weekend our girls learned that while we wear a smile on our face,
sometimes there are tears in our hearts.
Sisters...we need to be lifting each other up and
showing kindness and love to one another.
 It has been said that people are in one of these three stages all the time...
1. Just coming out of a trial
2. In the middle of a trial
3. About to begin suffering a trial

It could be a small thing or a big thing...
Does it really matter?
If this is true, then shouldn't we be compassionate to each other at all times?!
Think about it, Sisters!


Kassi Mortensen said...

This sounds like a great event! How fun that you and your daughter both got to participate!

Livia Anggraeni said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. following you now :)



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