Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg fun

We love coloring Easter Eggs in our home.
My little girl probably enjoys it
the most but
everyone participates.
I even had a few tricks up my sleeve to get my teens involved.
This year I didn't do a lot of decorating,
just little touches here and there
to brighten things up after a long winter.
We tried new ways of decorating our eggs this year and fell
in love .
These sprinkle eggs are the cutest.  I found them over Here.
You can stop by StudioDIY
 say hello to Kelly for me...
Her site is full of amazing DIY projects,
It won't disappoint.

Madi and I did brown and white sprinkle eggs...
We used glue on the eggs, so these are not edible...
just pretty to look at!
Madi loved mixing it up this year
with colors and patterns.

I had put some Sharpie's out and thought the boys
could do some graffiti eggs.

This was Cameron's version...
 a self portrait...
I love it.
Sure looks like a Branson Pirate to me!
You could use pastel Sharpie's also,
I saw that on Pinterest.

I have to say that I so enjoyed coloring brown eggs this year.
The colors came out so muted and natural.
We will be doing these every year now.

The only eggs that I wanted to try and didn't were speckled eggs. 
I think they are lovely and will be trying them next year
for sure.
You can see them over Here.
I would love for you to share your Easter eggs...
Any new favorites this year?
It was fun for us to try some new things this Easter time.
Hope you have a
 wonderful Thursday friends!!!

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jenshank said...

So fun, eggs look awesome!!

Adrienne said...

Those sprinkled eggs are super darling!

I wouldn't want to eat them!!!!!

And I'm swooning over all your decor!

I have a few things up as well but wanted to do more.
Still might, even though Easter is this Sunday ;)

I have never tried brown eggs but I do love the natural feel to them! May need to try this next year!

Janine @ 3 Wishes said...

Thank you for writing in. The sprinkled eggs have glue on them and I should have p
ut that information in my post, so the kids can't eat those, but they are almost too pretty to eat anyway. So glad you guys liked the eggs.


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