Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rebel with a cause

I think I have always been somewhat of a rebel at heart. I seem to go against the grain most of the time.
 I love Jesus, tattoos, and hip hop.
 I believe I was meant to be a mom and it is my favorite job in the world.  
As my kiddos get older I realize that all the dreams I had when I was younger beginning to 
come to the surface again,
 after all, I studied social work because I wanted to do something, 
to help others in some way no matter how small. 
In an earlier post I spoke about losing my job. Well in these tough economic times, 
it has not been so easy finding a job. 
I have been praying about this a lot, asking God to show me exactly what He wants me to be 
doing right now.
When I began my blog I was completely inspired and on fire and still am.
 I want to Do Something 
with this little place I have carved out
 and have tended to with words from my heart.
I love that people are using their voices to create change and positivity for others. 
I want to Do Something, 
something to help others, 
something my children can be proud of.  
I have thought of starting a non-profit organization and focus on bullying. 
It is so prominent and I think more voices are needed.
We either use our words to lift others up or tear them down. 
It is something that I have seen first hand and have seen the damage it inflicts on our precious children.
I am excited to see where God wants me.
I would want this to be a blessing to others. To create awareness and change. 
 I guess the first step is the hardest.
I will be posting about some ideas I have soon. If you have some time,
 I would love to know what you think!

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Holly Lefevre said...

I know how you feel! Godo luck discovering the right path. Bullying breaks my heart...such a worthwhile endeavor if that is what you choose to pursue.
Holly, 504 Main

PS - thanks for leaving the link on facebook!


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