Thursday, July 5, 2012

Busy bees

There is a lot of buzzing about happening here lately. Swimming in the lake, family time at the local water park,  and making new friends.  I am excited for my Madi because two little sisters moved down the street and they are about Madi's age. She is thrilled.  That means starting a new school with someone to lean on.
This couldn't have happened at a better time since our trip to Ohio was postponed and
I had one upset little girl on my hands.
This seemed to ease the pain a little.  Thank God for His perfect timing.
In Ohio now and having fun with family and friends.  It is funny how the kids just pick up where they leave off each year.  Time and space does not really separate them.
Our 4th was spent with family in the park watching the fireworks and trying to stay cool in the heat, however my brother in law and sister had us out to their lovely farm the night before for a little party and Ryan set off some wonderful fireworks. It was a lovely time and the kiddos had a blast. Here are some photos of our time in Ohio so far.
Whip cream fight
Playing dress up in my shoes
Boys will be boys
 Greeters at church with their Aunt Jenny
A lovely evening
 Waiting to eat...two peas in a pod...Cameron and Zade
Watcing Zadey play baseball, Love it!
At Coney Island Water Park
A  church fair
pretty girls
Madi and Ethan
 Happy 4th

 The Boys
Ethan getting dunked
It is always a blessing spending time with those you love and who love you. Thinking of my sisters in Arizona and still hoping I will get to see them soon as well. 


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Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Looks like you're living it up this summer! So glad Madi found some new friends! :)


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