Saturday, July 14, 2012

Looking back with a smile

It has been quite a year since I started this blog. This little, special space that I have carved out on the Internet. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn.
 It may sound silly to some, but I started out with so much passion and really that has not faded. 
 This blog brings me happiness.
 I remember the first day I wrote, my kids were so excited for me. 
They loved it. 
They were my biggest cheerleaders. 
They thought my blog was cool and wanted to read it each time I wrote. 
The days when I can write and share, mean something to me.
 I look forward to opening my page and writing my thoughts to 
share them with you.
 It started with Ace the duck who in his own quiet, little way inspired me. 
I remember reading a blog and thinking...I want to do that. 
I was nervous and didn't have a clue as to 
what I was doing but I knew I had to write. I had to try.
It has been quite a year from celebrations, to loss... this year
has been packed full of emotion for me.
I can honestly say that at times this year I have felt so broken,
 and times when I felt so full of faith. 
I have been inspired by those of you who read and are so sweet 
to share your heart with me and by those who
share yourselves through your own blogs. Your words matter!
Thank you for making this year a special one for me. I know my 
Mom is smiling
from heaven each time I write. 
I have posted about what I wear, recipes, DIY and even photo challenges.
This year has been a hoot. I have shared memories of
happy times and sad times. I knew when I started that I wanted
this blog to mean something, I wanted to do something. 
A year later and I am
still carving out exactly what that might be,
but each day it becomes 
Besides raising my precious three wishes,
I have a purpose, I have something that I am passionate about.
That makes me happy.
It is a good I look back with a smile and look ahead with
arms wide open to embrace what comes next.
Thank you for coming along.


Ashley said...

your blog is awesome!! thanks for sharing!

Michele Marriott said...

Popping over from Bloggers. Your blog is adorable. I also have three (not so little) kids. I'll be back to visit soon. Happy year-of-blogging :)


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