Friday, April 27, 2012

The realization

My kiddos aren't babies anymore!  If you read my blog,  you see photos of my 3 precious wishes often, you know they are not babies anymore.  My mind knows they are not babies heart has yet to be made aware of this simple fact.
    We have a rhythm as a family. A dance that everyone knows the steps to.  Our daughter Madi wants us to have another baby, I have wanted another baby.  Today I can say that I like where we are as a family.   We are blessed with our brood. We know each others moods, each others dance steps.  It is really something, this little family of mine. With Ethan turning 14, securing his place as a teen, it has me ever more remembering when my ones were little.  Having a teen is so rewarding and challenging at the same time.  Having to discuss those hard topics like sex, drugs and alcohol. Our children need to know where we stand on those things, and they do, because we discuss it.  These are tough things to talk about right? But imagine Not talking about these things.
   I won't always be the popular parent but that is ok. Staying true to what Nate and I think is the best thing for our kiddos is so important.  Don't misunderstand, I love hearing what works for other parents also.  With God's guidance, we are raising our 3 wishes the way He wants us to raise them.  Saying NO has actually become easier then I thought because I really see now what is at stake.  I don't want to live in fear about how I am raising my children but I also believe in my heart that it is the most important thing I will ever do in my life.  I agonize, I pray I breath.
   I know they won't always believe in the tooth fairy but right now Madi does and it is precious to me.  I want them to be kids while they are kids because life happens so fast and they grow so very fast.  Ethan is going to be a freshman...high school, he was just a baby. Hold tight to your little ones, enjoy every moment, good, bad, frustrating or joyous because in a blink, they are grown up.
   I am reading a book called The Blessing.  It is amazing. I rarely make the time to read but this book had to be read.  I would recommend it to all parents.
I pray that as you tuck your babies in tonight, that as you pray over them, you have a  peace in your heart knowing God has you covered in his loving grace.  Have a lovely weekend lovelies.  God Bless!!!


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Tesha said...

What a sweet post. My son is going to be a freshman also. You are so right it goes really fast. I love reading that's for the recommendation! You kids are blessed to have such a sweet mommy.


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