Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you looked inside...

If you looked inside my mind today you would see ideas, hundreds of them swimming around in there
You would see worry...even though I know God has every situation
You would see inspiration coming in from so many places...
                                               picture courtesy of Pinterest
If you looked inside my heart today, you would see LOVE...a ton of it, pouring out because it is so full
You would see a healing happening since I am taking better care of me
You would see a smile because my home is as it should be with all those I adore, in it
You would see excitement today about the prospect of starting something awesome with my HUBBY
You would see passion for being a Mom, a wife,  for this blog, for photography

                                                       picture courtesy of Pinterest
If you looked inside my soul today you would see a strong FAITH
you would see forgiveness
You would see GRATITUDE for all I have been given
Thanks for peeking inside!!  Have a blessed Thursday

1 comment:

Earthsurfers said...

I love you wifey , you are amazing.. I'll dance with you to the edge of the world...<3


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