Monday, January 9, 2012


              I am Not perfect.  I don't expect my children to be perfect but I do have expectations that they be obedient and follow the teachings of the Bible and follow the example of Jesus' life.  I am always considering what my purpose is and what Gods will is for me and how he wants Nate and I to raise our children. Ultimately, they will make a choice to follow or to stray, but for now they find rest and comfort in knowing Jesus and His love for them

    Two of my children attend a small Christian school where I teach,  and my teenager attended here until he started 7th grade.  Our school does not have a wrestling team and that is his sport, so after much prayer we allowed him to transfer to the public school.  Ethan had a choice to lead or follow.  We all do.  I am realizing that whether you are a kid at a Christian school or public, you are still going to be faced with hard choices.  There is no immunity.   We make decisions each day to either follow Gods will for our lives or live by flesh.  God calls for us to be obedient.  It is so easy to get caught up in all the day to day material and worldly distractions that take our focus off our true purpose...  More importantly it takes our eyes off God.

Praying for obedience and always in the spirit of Hope and Love for all.

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