Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On my knees

   Lately I have been feeling over whelmed, sad, stressed out, and I find myself  Praying for strength a lot.  I am praying for peace in my heart, for wisdom, for guidance. I am at this moment, a single parent in that my husband is far away working, and while I attempt to put on a brave face and do all the things I need to do for our children, my work, our home...I am, I fear at a breaking point.  On my knees looking up and asking for Him to strengthen me, to help me with my attitude,  with my heavy heart.  I am so very grateful to have God by me always to guide, shield and protect me...even when I am feeling very alone, I know I am NOT. 
   I know that God will see me through this... It will be in His time, in His perfect timing. I will continue to keep my eyes lifted to Him to help me through and learn what it is He is trying to teach me.  So this teacher is also a student and learning all the time.  Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for mercy and grace as I go through my day and the strength I need to do all that needs to get done. All for Your glory....

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