Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Harvest/ Traditions

We are big on Halloween in this house. Not the spooky stuff...I think it started with the tradition that every year my Mother-in-Law makes my kiddos the most amazing costumes. I am so blessed.  I mean over the top amazing talent she has. My daughter has been an angel, Belle from "Beauty and the Beast", Cupid, a leopard, Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz", the Mad Hatter. My boys have been, "The Mask" , Robin Hood, a gorilla, a Triceratops, a frog and tadpole, Blues Clues, Buzz Lightyear. (and this is just to name a few) oh, did I mention she also makes costumes for our pets?! Wow!!! We love walking in the Autumn air together, looking at all the decorations, meeting up with friends, and of course we love the treats.  We aren't so crazy about the tricks.... although another tradition is my Father-in-Law gets in on the fun by buying a scary mask each year to get the kids fired up!! Love it.

Will be be posting tomorrow about all the fun things we did this weekend for Halloween. The best part is that Grandma and Grandpa are here to share in all the festivities!!!

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