Friday, September 2, 2011

My girl is 10

My daughter Madison turned 10 yesterday and I am so very blessed each day I get to spend with her. I taught 5th grade last year and the young ladies in my class seemed so much older and bigger than Madi.  I am in awe that my baby girl has managed to keep an innocence that can bring me to tears.  The other day a male dog was dragging our Little Yorkie, Cocoa away because she was in heat, Madi was on the phone with her grandmother and said," a dog was trying to take Cocoa away today to marry her". It was one of those moments when you realize that she won't be this young forever and this innocence is my responsibility to protect. She is just as sweet and precious as she was at 1.  Madison is a true friend, a lovely sister and a faithful child of God. He has blessed us with her sweet spirit and generous heart. She is kind, intelligent, beautiful,  athletic and competitive to a fault but in no way arrogant about her talents. So I am thanking God as I do each day for my little girl who is now 10 but will forever remain my little girl.  We love you Miss Madison. Happy Birthday Sweet girl.

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jenshank said...

Oh sis, so beautifully written and everything you said describes my niece to a T! I can't believe she is 10 either my oh my precious time flys by. Love her so much so proud to be her Aunt!! Thank you and Nate so much for blessing me with her and those awesome boy's!!


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