Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ace and the power of Prayer

A few blogs back I wrote about my new friend Ace, the duck.  I had been house sitting at my sister's farm and fell in love the little fella.   I also wrote that he had come up missing on my last night there and  I was heartbroken and praying for his safe return.  Well, this morning my prayers were answered because a very muddy Ace is home safe on my sister's farm.  Faith is sometimes difficult when we are praying about loss. I always try to teach my children to pray to let God's will be done.  It gets hard when you want something so badly to go your own way.  In this case, it was God's will and Ace is home where he should be with his family that loves him and I have my buddy to follow me around the farm once again.  I am a happy camper!!!

1 comment:

jenshank said...

Thanks sis, so so happy that he is home safe with us, we love that little guy!


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