Friday, May 11, 2012

Sky gazing and daydreaming about Mom

   Happy Mother's day to all the Mama's out there. I pray that your Mother's day will be just as you would like it to be...
     Today I am thinking about my Mama.  I am reminiscing on happy days of long ago, holding her hand, our tea time talks, even my saying good-bye.
It is something, becoming a mother. I had no idea how it would completely change me...for the better.  I was selfish in my younger days, I hurt others by my actions and I didn't take good care of myself.  Now I fill my days and nights of thoughts on how to embrace each day and not take one second for granted.
      I can't imagine life without my 3 Wishes. they make me the woman  I am.  I delight in watching them grow each day... grow not just in size, but in their relationship with the Lord.
    I am so grateful that I had my Mom as long as I did, and that she was here to see and fall in love with her grandchildren.  I am so blessed that Nate's Mom has adopted me as her own, and that she is here to celebrate this special day.
     So while I gaze at the sky today and think of my Mom in Heaven, I set my sights on Ohio, and think about the Mom I get to see this summer. Happy Mother's day to my Mom and to my sister's Jenny and Tanya. Wish we could all be together,  but I am thinking of you and sending lots of love your way.  May God bless you with His grace and mercy today and always.
I pray blessings over all you Mama's out there, hoping  you are with those who look up to you and call you Mama!!!

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Annmarie Pipa said...

I miss my mom too....I know she is in heaven
Happy Mothers Day to you!!!


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