Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A silly "what I wore Wednesday"

Wednesdays I link up with The Pleated Poppy, I love her blog and shop and I look forward to seeing what everyone is putting together fashion wise. I hope to see you over there. You can link up by clicking her button at the bottom of my post.
Today I am feeling silly, like a child. I sat on the swings during recess, held hands with my daughter, drank a grape, Sonic slush, which I rarely do and told my co-workers a secret...I am wearing my hubby's boxers as a slip today.  I was rushing this morning and didn't have a white slip.  I remember wearing men's boxers over leggings and tons of rubber black bracelets around my wrist during the 80's.  So much fun, but that is another story.  I was twirling about while my daughter Madison snapped this pics with my cell phone.

White dress Old Navy from two years ago...
Boots Wet Seal online...on sale last year, me and Madison share them
Silver bracelets (large one thrifted) the one that looks like a belt, I can't remember where I got it
Mirror necklace made by me, charm found at Hobby Lobby
White Banana Republic sweater, gifted
White men's boxers courtesy of my hubby
Told you it was a silly day. Hope you are having a fun day today.

pleated poppy


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Yay for fun pics!!! :) Looks like the best time!

~ Everest ~ said...

Nice pics! Love your outfit so much for its simplicity. :)


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