Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our lovely Ms. Fran

 We celebrated Ms. Fran's 90th Birthday this weekend. We brought over a cake and candles and had ourselves a nice little visit.

I adore Ms. Fran, my children love her.  We live out in the country and Ms. Fran is our sweet neighbor.  She lost her love only 5 short years ago. 
She loves when we come a calling, she loves all things sweet and watching her game shows. She has a favorite chair that is blue and worn.
Fran loves talking to the kids about their grades and life at school. She offers them lots of sugary goodies, and at Ms. Fran's I let them indulge, It makes her smile.  We share about our pasts, and we talk about the things of now.
Cameron often walks around her little cabin checking out her books on WWII.  Her husband was there, she tells him and shows him mementos from that time.
Of course Cocoa is always welcome in Fran's home also. She sits at the table and patiently waits for someone to share their cake.
I hope you get to make someone smile will make you smile also!

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