Friday, December 2, 2011

Right now...

 -Ethan gave me the biggest hug and picked me up off the floor, oh how I cherish those tender moments.
 -I am listening as he and Cameron are hanging out upstairs talking.
 -my 12 year old son Cam is in a fantastic mood :)
 -I am humbled by my son Ethan's attitude this week, so proud of him and the poise he has shown.

-my 13 year old young man is giving up wrestling for the season and his part in the school play that he worked so hard to get.

-Ethan's friends are on stage and he is home but wishing so badly to be at the play that he is supposed to be in, and he has prayed for his friends and for the play to go well.
-I am at a loss at how well my young man is handling all of this when I just want to cry for him.

-I want to take away Ethan's physical pain, and his sadness.

-I am so grateful that my husband is so knowledgeable about healing, and that he is patient and faithful.

-I hope E knows that because all of this is a big deal to is a big deal to me also!

-I am looking forward to a quiet night at home with my family and the promise of healing for my boy.

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